Pumpkins at Borough Market Marvelling at how quickly this month has flown by. 

Planning our wedding, step-by-step. We need to get things sorted. 

Crossing so much of my to-do list (but is it ever enough?) 

Reading as much as possible. 

Winning a Friends Pub Quiz (well, coming third...) 

Making my very own wreath, and hanging it in my kitchen. 

Spending time with blogging friends. It's good for the soul. 

Eating far too much Toblerone. It's my kryptonite. 

Heading down South. I need to go more often.  

Feeling a little under the weather. 

Running further than I ever have before. 

Listening to the Pitch Perfect soundtrack on my runs. So fun. 

Digging out my winter wardrobe (and then donating most of it...) 

Wearing my giant scarf as much as possible. 

Dressing up for Halloween. 

How about you?