Weekend Link Love

golden hour(Photo by Jake Givens)  

I feel like these introductions are always the same - but that's because life pretty much plods along at the same pace.  I'm happy with that. When I was younger I dreamed of an exciting life full of twists and turns, but I am learning that contentment comes from a steady life with a few adventures thrown in. This week has been much the same as any week, work and play in equal measures. My definitely highlights were last night's menu at Cornucopia, birthday celebrations for a sweet friend on Saturday, and some drinks & piles of pulled pork with Emma and Ally on Tuesday. Blogger talk is always fun. I also drove my new car on my own for the first time and didn't die, which is a massive win. And I started work on a new scarf. It's official, everyone is getting scarves for Christmas. 

How was your week?