decorating 1My name is Amy and I'm a Rightmove addict. I long for a house of my own to decorate, where I can have opinions on paint colours, cover the walls with subway tiles and persuade Paul that an AGA really is the only way to go... All that being said, there is no way that I can afford any of those things any time soon. My dream house is a just that, a far-off dream. However, don't cry for me, home-owners of the world, because I actually rather like our little flat.

We've lived here 18 months now and we're slowly but surely starting to put our stamp on things, thanks to a generous landlord and IKEA. There are some things that we can't change - the weird orange-brown tiles in the kitchen, the static-inducing carpet and the lack of bath in the bathroom (don't worry, there's a shower...) but throwing some cushions around and hanging some pictures definitely makes those things a lot more palatable.

We've slowly been building up a collection of artwork, picking up pieces from all over the place to hang on the walls and make things our own. I love how affordable and accessible art can be - the word seems to suggest expensive oil paintings and bizarre modern sculptures but we've picked up a lot of stuff for under £20, which works well for our budget and for my ever-changing tastes. Whilst I would one day like to invest in some art, I think it would be wiser to wait until we have a home of our own and have put down some roots. 

decorating 2

My go-to place to shop of home decoration is Etsy - there's so much choice and it's easy to pick up affordable yet unique prints like our bright pink sugar skull from Print Kitchen and the Shakespeare print from Bookishly (whose stuff is amazing - I want it all!). I'm a big fan of typographic prints, including this one from Elise Joy, which is so simple but such a lovely message. If you follow some creative bloggers, it's worth keeping an eye out on what they're producing as I've seen a few selling unusual, limited edition prints. 

Another of my favourites is a of Chapel Allerton in 1908 - our home isn't on there but a few buildings on our road are marked. I think it's super interesting to imagine what it must have been like to live here over 100 years ago, and people always remark on it when the visit. We picked up the map from Chirpy in Chapel Allerton - a lovely design shop which has lots of affordable framed prints as well as other design bits and pieces. Definitely one for Christmas present shopping! 

decorating 3

Last, but certainly not least, is this fantastic print which was very kindly gifted to us from The Print Foundry. Eagle-eyed viewers will spot that this photo is one that Paul took when we went to Iceland last year of a yarn-bombed bike on the streets of Reykjavik. It's one of my favourites from the holiday - I just think it captures the spirit of the city and the trip. This is hung in our spare room to greet guests, and I love how colourful it is compared to our other more monochrome prints in the living room - the quality of the print is also brilliant, you can really see the texture of the wool and again, it draws lots of comments! I'm definitely going to be keeping an eye out for more shots that we can get printed - it's one way to guarantee a unique piece of art!