Breakfast Yoghurt with Banana & Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate // Amy Elizabeth

I am bad at eating breakfast. At school and university I was religious in my breakfast-eating, adamant that I couldn't function in the morning without a bowl of cereal or a slice of toast. However, somewhere in my working life I have got out of the habit and more often than not it will be lunchtime before I eat. It's not always because I would prefer an extra ten minutes in bed (although I would). It's more often because I find breakfast foods completely unappetising in the morning. However expensive the granola, it always feels a bit cardboard-y. 

Breakfast Yoghurt with Banana & Dark Chocolate // Amy Elizabeth

That said, I think I have found a solution in this breakfast yoghurt. It's very much a copy of Leon's 'Yoghurt of the Gods', which I picked up on a trip back from London earlier in the summer. It's easy to assemble, sweet enough to satisfy and the dark chocolate adds a lovely texture and bitterness to this otherwise unnervingly soft dish. There's something about being allowed to eat chocolate for breakfast that just makes it appealing - but I can feel vaguely virtuous as it's dark chocolate and that cures heart attacks, or something. This doesn't really count as a recipe, but I wanted to share the combination in case there are other breakfast-averse folk like me out there, searching for a solution. 

What do you eat for breakfast? I would love more suggestions! 

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