Yorkshire Day with Le Creuset

Row of Le Creuset Mugs // Amy Elizabeth

I am new to the world of Le Creuset - I have known about it, of course, for years but it is only recently that I have experienced the true joy of cast iron cooking. It was Lil who persuaded me that it was worth the investment, and since picking up a set of five red Le Creuset saucepans I have been completely converted. I know that this is the start of a life-long love affair and I already have my eye on the next pieces I want to add to my collection.

Lil from Whip Until Fluffy // Amy Elizabeth

Which is why I was completely over the moon to be invited to the Le Creuset shop in the Victoria Quarter on Yorkshire Day of all days, to find out a little bit more about the brand, perv over some delicious cookware and be treated to a cookery demonstration by my enabler herself, Lil from Whip Until Fluffy. Her blog will convince you that this girl know what she's doing, but I was totally blown away by the Yorkshire-inspired menu that she cooked up - so much so that I tried to recreate it for myself the very next day! The shop was also impressive - a haven of rainbow-coloured cookware in a light and bright setting.

Bowl of Yorkshire Chorizo // Amy Elizabeth

We're very lucky to have some wonderful Yorkshire produce to play with, especially at this time of year. I was surprised to find that Yorkshire-produced wine is as good as any I've had - and I'll definitely be taking myself to Latitude Wines to get myself another bottle at some point. Lil cooked up a courgette risotte with said white wine, Ribblesdale goat cheese and a lovely drizzle of Lemon Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil. It was incredibly moreish and cooked to perfection - I'll let her share the recipe with you, but suffice to say this is one I'll be adding into my weekly rotation.

Courgette Risotto // Amy Elizabeth

As well as this, she made a Spanish-inspired chicken casserole with Yorkshire Chorizo (made at The Reliance, and possessing a delicious meaty flavour and chunky texture that supermarket chorizo just cannot replicate) and green beans. Whilst the dish itself was delicious, I was definitely most taken with the gorgeous yellow shallow casserole dish she made it in - so much so that I almost bought it right there and then. It was perfect for frying off the ingredients and then for placing straight into the oven, as well as for serving straight to the table. With a lifetime guarantee as well, it's a bargain right? Right? I walked away without it, but I'm regretting that decision massively right now...

Le Creuset Yellow Shallow Casserole Dish // Amy Elizabeth

Le Creuset Yellow Shallow Casserole Dish // Amy Elizabeth

To finish off the evening, Lil made us a Yorkshire Tea ice cream with a piquant rhubarb pickle - an unusual pudding and perhaps a little strange sounding, but it was delightful; soft, creamy ice cream with a hint of tea flavour and sharp rhubarb to cut through. Keep an eye out on her blog for the recipe for that one.

Cooking Risotto // Amy Elizabeth

All in all, it was a wonderful way to spend an evening and just proved how wonderful our local food is - I'm definitely going to try and source even more of our food from around these parts (first stop: that chorizo) and try to highlight these delicacies on my blog. It also proved how a little money spent on cookware can really make a difference; yellow dish, you will be mine!