Weekend Link Love


[Photo by Glen Carrie

This weekend marks the start of my holiday and I could not be more pleased. We're having a staycation this year but we've already filled every day with something exciting - including a stay over in Scarborough, so fingers crossed for good weather. My brother and his girlfriend are coming to stay for a few nights (in fact, they're on their way now...) and I'm going to use this time to convince them that they really should move to Leeds. So we're going to play games in Roundhay Park, eat at some tasty restaurants and maybe pay a visit to the carnival on Monday. So fun. 

In other news, I had a driving lesson on the mean streets of Leeds this weekend - I've somehow acquired a car from Paul's Mum so I really need to have a refresh. It's been five years since I last drove and it's safe to say that I'm not very good... I'd say that I'd stick to baking but I also made a questionable blueberry pie yesterday so all in all, not the most successful week! Onwards and upwards though, as always.