Weekend Link Love


(Photo by Sergey Zolkin via Unsplash

Is it just me that's kind of glad that it's raining today? I've got no plans, so I'm just going to curl up under a blanket, do some knitting and watch a Harry Potter film. I'm sure I'll be bored of the rain come October, but it's so much harder to have a proper lazy day when the sun is shining. This week has been kind of lazy, actually - the first proper break in a hectic summer. Of course, the big news is that Great British Bake Off is back! I'm excited about it - mostly because it feels like an excuse to make/eat baked goods on the regular. I'm cheering for Martha, for sure - even if I am jealous of teenage prodigies most of the time. On that note, have you submitted your best ever baking post to the Great British Blogger Bake Off? If not, get yourself over there now and add your link before it's too late! You don't have to write something new and special, just show me your buns! (And cakes and brownies and bread and doughnuts. Basically, anything made of dough). Let's spread the baking love across the Internet!