Making Sushi at Yo! Sushi

sushi school 3

I don't know about you, but sushi is kind of a mystery to me. When I eat out, I like to choose places that offer me something that I can't make myself. If I can whip up a better version at home, I feel a bit cheated. So for me, sushi is the ultimate luxury - something that cannot be recreated in my kitchen. I have a standing sushi date with my friend Eloise where I can satisfy my cravings for all things sushi (and those delicious duck gyozas) and I occasionally venture to Wasabi at lunchtime, but otherwise I must live a sushi-less life.

sushi school 1

I was hoping that I might write this introductory paragraph, and then turn it all around by saying that the sushi school at Yo! Sushi changed my life and now I'm whipping up sashimi and nigiri on the regular. When I ventured there with my colleagues a couple of weeks ago, that was what I was expecting. However, despite the excellent tuition, I am doomed to forever buy my sushi ready-made - I am certainly no natural at this dish!

sushi school 2

That being said, I was super impressed with the class. The teacher explained so much about sushi, its history and the methods for making it so I learnt a lot in theory, even if not in practice! We also got to make a whole bunch of different kinds of sushi - from little cucumber makis to salmon nigiri (my favourite) and crab hand rolls.

sushi school 4

I'd definitely recommend giving this a go if you're into sushi - you do get some great sushi secrets (like where to pick up the best fish, how to cook the rice and how to get creative with your sushi at home) and we were stuffed by the end of it. That's something that always surprises me about sushi - I always expect to be hungry because the pieces look so small but it's never the case!

sushi school 5

Don't let my incompetence put you off - my fellow students fared much better than me; Erin made some lovely triangular maki whilst on more than one occasion was someone else's work pronounced 'perfect'. I was just a little overzealous with the rice, which meant rolling them up was a bit of a challenge... I did improve by the end though - I was pretty proud of my hand roll!