A Flying Visit

All the Gang

Living in halls at University is a bit of a strange experience. A bunch of (mostly) 18 year olds thrown into a dormitory of sorts and expected to live together in harmony for almost a year. You're all strangers to each other in a strange place. But you know what? Some of the best friendships of my life were forged in that environment and I know that I'm not the only one that feels that way. If you're nervous about heading off for University in September, don't be - there will be hard times but there will also be brilliant times. Just fake it 'till you make it confidence-wise and bring a door-stop to make your room the welcoming one. That is my best bit of pre-University advice.

Amy Drinking Wine

Mike and Dani

All this to say that some of my University friends came to stay last weekend. It was their first time to Leeds in the three years I've lived here so I was keen to show them the best parts of this city. I love showing off Leeds - I feel like it belongs to me in a way so when guests compliment the bars, restaurants and parks of my hometown I feel a strange sense of pride. It was a glorious weekend - ridiculously hot and sunny but made all the better from hanging out with people that are just so much fun. People that you've known long enough to be comfortable with, but that you don't get to see often enough. I feel like most of my friendships are a bit like that nowadays.

Mike Drinking Beer

Amy and James

In the daytime we soaked up the rare sunshine on the rooftop of Belgrave, snacking on Dough Boys pizza (£1 a slice! Total bargain.) and drinking G&Ts. A brief pitstop at Seven Arts in Chapel Allerton before a quick outfit change and some time spent at MustardStock - where these photos were taken. A whistle stop tour of some of my favourite places - although on such a flying visit it's hard to pack it all in. Mostly I just wanted to spend time with these fantastic people. Thanks for visiting you guys, let's now leave it so long next time!

Katie and Edd