Crab & Courgette Risotto

Crab & Courgette Risotto // Amy Elizabeth

Okay, let's talk about risotto. I have been having intense risotto cravings ever since I first tasted Lil's courgette risotto and realised that actually, risotto is a perfect summer food. Have I said the word risotto too many times? It's starting to sound weird... Either way, risotto can be surprisingly light whilst still being its comfortable self that we've learnt to lean on during cold snaps.

This recipe is a bit of a mix of the aforementioned courgette risotto and Nigella's crab risotto from Nigellissima - it's basically a mix of my favourite things. This isn't a super fast dinner option, but the process is as comforting as the final product and ever since I bought my Le Creuset saucepans, I've wanted to spend as much time with them as possible (just kidding.... kind of). This dish would be perfect to impress a fancy friend or five (the recipe is easily multiplied) but I just like it with a glass of wine when I want to treat myself and I think you should do the same. You're worth the effort. 

I usually like my risottos with a crazy amount of mushrooms and heaps of Parmesan, but I actually think this recipe tops that a million times over. It's light, it's fresh, it's creamy and it's full of my favourite summer flavours. Make it now, before we have to dig out our winter jumpers and begin hibernation... 

Crab & Courgette Risotto // Amy Elizabeth

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