Afternoon Tea at Filmore & Union

afternoon tea 1

This summer has been the most decadent time of my life. We've eaten like kings, drunk far too much wine, stayed up too late and generally had an excellent time. And is there anything quite as decadent as afternoon tea? A little nook of time carved out in the afternoon - when work and chores are usually prevalent - just for some indulgence. There is something wonderfully quaint about the whole process. Especially when there's prosecco involved.

afternoon tea 2

Now, you'll know that I'm not usually one for health food - especially when it comes to cake. I would always rather eat a small slice of delicious, calorific, butter-laden cake then a hundred slices of some imitation cake made with edamame beans and sadness. However, there is a happy compromise - Filmore & Union. Set up right in the middle of the picturesque Victoria Quarter to provide the people of Leeds with super juices and other such nourishment, I was surprisingly delighted by their afternoon tea - which was, relatively speaking, quite healthy.

afternoon tea 3

What arrived at our table was three tiers laden with goodies - from savoury canapés on the bottom right up to sumptuous cakes on the top. Particular highlights for me were the smoked salmon canapé with a dill and lemon cream cheese on malted rye bread and the dark chocolate & raspberry brownie, which was super fudgey and delicious. As it was all gluten-free, the cake was a little crumbly, and I did miss the piles of clotted cream & jam on my blueberry scone (although honey was a nice touch that I'd not thought of before) but otherwise it was perfect for an afternoon spent nibbling and chatting.

afternoon tea 5

If you pick up a store guide in the Victoria Quarter, you also get 2 for 1 on your afternoon tea (which was what persuaded us to start with!). I'm not sure how long the offer will last, so get yourself down there pronto!

afternoon tea 4