Weekend Link Love


So, can I complain about the weather for a minute? I'm not into it. I liked June, when it was warm enough to go without a coat and sit outside but not so warm that I can't function. It doesn't help that I pulled out my summer clothes and none of them fit me any more. Probably because it's been around three years since we had a decent summer/I went on a sunny holiday - so they're not new purchases! So I'm torn between wearing something I feel comfortable in weather-wise (seriously, my office is like a sauna) and something that I feel comfortable in body-image-wise. Not a fun choice. Tell me I'm not the only one with a crisis of confidence over shorts and tiny dresses?

Other than that though, this week has been pretty rad. I went to a sushi-making class with some people from work, which was fun but I quickly learnt that whilst I am a pro at eating sushi, I am certainly not a natural at making it. I also celebrated my sweet friend Eloise's birthday with a feast of Mexican food at Cielo Blanco and prosecco on Angelica's beautiful terrace. Leeds, you may not have the prettiest skyline but I will never be bored of looking at you.

I've also got some of my wonderful Uni friends coming up this weekend. I'm writing this ahead of time, so I'll have to share our adventures at a later date! It's their first time in Leeds so I'm hoping to show them the best our city has to offer so they want to come back again and again! My plans are Belgrave roof garden, Mustardstock and dinner at Pinche Pinche. I think that should tempt them back.

How was your week, friends?