Weekend Link Love

Chopping Board

I am so glad it is Sunday. Sunday is such a good day. On Sundays I blog and write and plan and cook a leisurely dinner, whilst Paul cleans and watches films and naps. We've got a good thing going on, for sure. It's a much needed respite from a busy but wonderful week. This week I have been dining out on some delicious fare, crying and cheering at Caitlin Moran's show at the Town Hall (it was so, so brilliant), and celebrating the wedding of two of the best people I know. I go to weddings so often, but they never lose their magic for me - I blubbed through the speeches, danced until my feet hurt and hugged everyone in sight. There were shots of neon Apple Sourz (why?), drinking games during the speeches (of course) and a much needed recovery period at the pub the next day. How was your week?