Weekend Link Love

Sand on a Beach

I feel like too many of my Weekend Link Loves start with the words 'I've been to a wedding this week'. Too many? I mean, not enough. I love weddings and yesterday two more of our sweet friends got hitched. Weddings are truly joyful and they make me so happy. I hope everyone enjoys our wedding as much as I have enjoyed theirs. I will be so sad when this part of my life is over and I don't have as many weddings to go to - I love the dancing and the dressing up and the drinking bubbles. It's just the best.

I have had a really great week. I went to a cheese club (yes, really), tried a little bit of Bundobust before it opens next Friday (so good - people of Leeds, you're gonna love it!) and watched a whole lot of Greek. I love that show. I also knitted half a baby blanket for one of the new little people in our life - it's yellow and it's my best effort yet. I get so much satisfaction from knitting. Like, I may have just watched a whole box set but I have something to show for it! What have you been up to?