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I spend a lot of my life at weddings. It's one of the benefits of being so popular(!). Having a big family helps. So far this year we've been to four, with two more to come and one we can't attend due to it being all the way in the US of A. It's been so wonderful to watch some of our closest friends tie the knot and last Friday was no exception. Sarah and Ste are some of the loveliest, warmest, funnest people that we know. They are excellent party guests but also fantastic friends and just brilliant people. It turns out that Ste is also a very good speech maker, and he had us all in tears. We're going to have to start working on our speeches now...

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The whole day was totally joyful - from singing 'I'm a Believer' at the ceremony right through to finishing the night to 'Africa' by Toto (a bit of an anthem in the group, for some reason). I got to talk and dance and spend time with some of my favourite people in the whole world and I really can't wait until it's our turn. I'm a sentimental drunk, as I've said before, and I always get a bit overwhelmed at weddings as a result. Something about the fact that everyone has so much love to share and give is astounding to me. It makes us human and it makes our lives meaningful, and weddings just epitomise that. It's not just about the love that two people share - that's just one part of a much bigger web of family and friends. How amazing is that?

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