Mini Book Reviews

Pile of Books

I'm on a bit of a reading quest this year. There are so many books on my shelves which I've either not read, or which I've read once but don't really remember. So rather than buying a whole bunch of new books from my Amazon Wish List, I am 'shopping my shelves' and trying to get through everything that's been lingering there too long. I'll make an exception for the new Caitlin Moran, of course, but otherwise I'm on a book-spending ban. I'm actually really enjoying it - I've been tearing through books at a rate of knots and loving discovering some old favourites. My eventual aim is to purge my bookshelf of the books that I don't really like all that much at the end of all this, but my problem is that I love them all. I'm not sure I've ever really read a book that I didn't enjoy in some way (except maybe Pamela by Samuel Richardson, which may have been the dullest thing ever written). I didn't want to bore you by describing all these books at length, especially since I've reviewed some of them here before, but I like having a little record of what I've read, so here's a compromise: some three line book reviews of recent reads.

Goose by Dawn Porter

Sweetly nostalgic but emotionally challenging. Made me cry. The perfect teenage fiction.

The Portrait of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde 

The most beautiful prose ever written (especially the opening chapter). Evocative and witty. A true classic.

Smut by Alan Bennett 

Beautifully observed and gently funny. Two perfect little stories with surprising endings. Genius (as always, when it comes to Bennett).

Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan 

Wonderful prose combined with a wonderful plot. The most perfect ending of any book ever. His greatest work, in my eyes.

What have you been reading?