(photo by Lucas Lof)

Attending two weddings and shedding lots of (happy) tears.

Celebrating the birthday of my sweet friend Eloise.

Remembering to send birthday cards and presents to friends who are further away.

Running more often than usual.

Missing Le Grand Depart (but getting super exciting anyway).

Shouting 'I am a Feminist' at Caitlin Moran's show.

Drinking cocktails on a Sunday with Emma & Sally.

Stuffing my face with cheese at Homage to Fromage.

Making jar salads to take to work.

Organising the Great British Blogger Bake Off

Learning to make sushi

Dreaming of running a cookbook shop (would you come?).

Hosting some of my favourite friends.

Showing them the sights of Leeds.

Feeling too hot, most of the time.

Spending my time outside, which is very unlike me.

Coveting more maxi dresses but not being able to find any to fit.

Planning a minimalist wardrobe. I want to be Un-Fancy.

Trying to like beer. I still don't.

How about you?