Weekend Link Love


Hello friends! Apologies for my absence this week - I was just feeling so lethargic and uncreative so I abandoned my blog in favour of Orange is the New Black and piles of carbs. No shame. Today is Paul's birthday, and we're probably just going to do more of the above - we bought two delicious steaks for dinner and there's a bottle of Prosecco in the fridge, which makes us sound fancier than we are. I am glad that July is coming - June was just insanely busy but July is looking more balanced. Weddings, restaurant openings and hopefully lots of sunshine - I can get on board with that. Oh, and the Tour de France! Leeds is getting excited, and rightly so. Talking of weddings (do I talk of anything else recently?) I am so stuck for what to wear to the two weddings we're invited to in July - I have bought and returned so many dresses. Life is hard. But awesome. Life is awesome.