Coffee at Caravan Kings Cross  Cooking all the asparagus. I'll be sad when asparagus season is over. Wearing flat shoes all the time. Heels are too much effort right now.

Reading old favourites again.

Wanting a free weekend.

Embracing the busy-ness for now.

Needing to tidy the house. It's clean, but messy.

Enjoying eating al fresco.

Shopping for bridemaids dresses. Two down, four to go.

Learning so much at Blognix.

Planning so much for this blog.

Drinking my Dad's home-made elderflower champagne and alcoholic ginger beer.

Binging on Orange is the New Black. When does Season 3 start?

Baking too much banana bread. As always.

Celebrating the birthdays of two of my favourite men.

Getting a Jury Summons. Eep!

Loving how much our little cat is becoming affectionate.

Writing all about weddings over at The High Tea Cast.

Feeling so lucky every day. How did things get this good? I hope they stay this way.

How about you?