Five Films Forever Re-Watched

Five Films Forever Re-Watched
Photo: Leo Hidalgo via Flickr


They say that opposites attract, and when it comes to our taste in films and TV, that couldn't be more true for me and Paul. Paul is a film buff, in the sense that he watches as many as possible, as fast as possible. On a Saturday afternoon he and Tuna Fey can usually be found on the sofa making their way through the latest releases. It's rare that I join them in this endeavour; I don't have the attention span for films most of the time.

I am choosy with the films I watch - I can usually tell from the trailer whether I will enjoy them or not - but when I love a film, I really love it. It is rare that Paul will watch a film more than once, even ones that he declares to be brilliant (usually ones involving The Rock...). When I love a film, however, I want to watch it endlessly. There are a few films that I watch over and over again - I am never bored of them. They aren't masterpieces by the usual standards, but they fit my criteria for films - they make me feel good about the world. It's really as simple as that. These are those films:

Mean Girls 

This is rather an obvious one; what girl my age isn't obsessed with Mean Girls? This film was my introduction to all things Tina Fey, and I am forever grateful for her genius in creating this cult classic. There is never a time when a Mean Girls quote or gif is out of place, and even after watching it eleventy-billion times I will never not laugh at Amy Poehler's hilarious portrayal of Regina's mom. Although I have watched this film alone, it is so much better with girlfriends - four for you Glen Coco, you go Glen Coco! And I don't think that this article is exaggerating when it claims that these 40 Mean Girls Quotes Make Life Worth Living. This film gives me the giggles and all the happy feels - there's no much more you can ask for than that.


I know this is not one of the most popular Disney films but for me it will always be one of the best. I have my issues with Disney but I am willing to put them aside for this film. My Bachelor's degree is in English and Classical Studies, and although I do enjoy knowing stuff about Shakespeare and having an opinion on The Booker Prize, Classics was where my heart truly lay during those three years. The myths and legends, the scandal and intrigue - the Ancient World would put any modern soap opera to shame. There are the obvious associations between Hercules the movie and my Classical studies, but it's the subtle ones that get me every time. As soon as Meg says 'I could see through that in a Peloponnesian minute', I am hooked. If you get that joke, we should be friends. Oh, and the catchy gospel-esque soundtrack doesn't hurt matters, either.

Easy A

I am obsessed with Emma Stone. Everything she touches turns to gold in my eyes, and nothing more so than Easy A (and maybe Spiderman...). It's sassy, it's smart, it's sweet - is there anything better than that? This film gives me hope that you can combine a feminist critique with some clever lines and get yourself a funny, touching movie. Although Emma Stone obviously steals the show - she is perfect in it - there are some fantastic performances from other cast members, including her inappropriate parents and Lisa Kudrow as the guidance counsellor without much guidance to give. Plus, the ending is just lovely - which is sort of the important part, isn't it?


Forever topping the charts as one of the best musicals of all time, Grease never fails to have me singing along. I love the cheesy storyline, the catchy songs and the 1950s backdrop. The car chase always has me on the edge of my seat, even though I know what happens, and the happy ending is just the best (even if the movie promotes a kind of weird message - change yourself to get love?!). This film is best watched with other aficionados but I have been known to watch it alone and belt out the songs just the same.

The History Boys

A break from the others, The History Boys is a lot more melancholy than my other favourites. It is, however, beautiful. I will never not be in love with everything that Alan Bennett writes; he is a true genius and an absolute British treasure. There are cute boys quoting poetry, wonderfully poignant speeches about history and education and a shocking ending that I will never get over. Just watch it, I promise you won't regret it.