Chorizo & Feta Couscous Salad

Chorizo and Feta Couscous Salad // Amy Elizabeth

I feel a bit like poor couscous has fallen out of favour in the foodie world; it's now all about couscous' sexier cousins - quinoa and bulgar wheat. And whilst, don't get me wrong, I won't turn down quinoa when it comes knocking, couscous was my first grain love. So easy, so delicious. Couscous, you're the best. And you make an epic salad.

I've been taking this salad to work pretty much every day for the last week. It's very more-ish - salty, spicy chorizo with creamy feta and tart sundried tomatoes all coddled by couscous' welcoming grains. It's simple to throw together and actually I already had in the cupboard - yes, I am the kind of person that always has chorizo on standby. Don't judge me.

This is really more of a suggestion than a recipe - the best thing about salads is their infinite variety. You really can just chuck it all in and go. So feel free to mix this up - add your own unique twist, live on the edge, that sort of thing. Enjoy!

Chorizo and Feta Couscous Salad // Amy Elizabeth

For 2-3 portions, you'll need:

  • 150g couscous
  • 250ml chicken stock
  • 100g chorizo
  • 50g sundried tomatoes
  • 100g feta
  • 2 tsps harissa paste
  • big splash of olive oil
  • juice of one lemon

Chorizo and Feta Couscous Salad // Amy Elizabeth

1. Pour the stock over the couscous. Cover and leave to one side.

2. Remove the skin from the chorizo and chop into chunks. Fry for 2-3 minutes on each side until cooked through.

3. Chop the sundried tomatoes into slices.

4. Fluff up the couscous. In a separate bowl, combine the lemon juice, olive oil and harissa paste. Pour over the couscous and mix.

5. Add the chorizo and sundried tomatoes into the bowl of couscous. Mix together.

6. Portion into bowls (or lunch boxes). Crumble feta on top.

Chorizo and Feta Couscous Salad // Amy Elizabeth