Tuna Fey: One Year On

tuna 3.jpg

I can't believe we've had this little cat for over a year. Since I introduced her on this blog, she's made a few appearances here and there, but nothing dedicated solely to her. Since she's now been a part of our family for a whole year, I think it's time she got a little update - if only so I can share some adorable cat photos. She's gorgeous, isn't she?

tuna 5.jpg

When we adopted Tuna from some students over in Woodhouse, she was very timid and fearful. She hid under the sofa most of the time, and flinched when we went near her. I was worried that she would spend the rest of her life like that - she seemed so unhappy. We needn't have worried though - it turns out she wasn't actually afraid of us, she was just anti-social! It seems her previous owners didn't go in much for TLC, so she wasn't super into cuddling with us.

tuna 4.jpg

Over time, however, she's definitely warmed to us. She now happily sits with us whilst we watch TV, jumps around chasing reflections and has adopted our second bedroom as her own (which wasn't quite the intention...). She's still not the most social cat, but if you're sitting in just the right place on the sofa, she will flop down next to you and ask for tummy rubs. Her miaows sound mostly like complaints but I like to think that's just her chatting at us. She also twitters away at the birds and other cats outside the window whenever she sees them - it's such an adorable sound, and not one I've heard a cat make before!

Don't get me wrong, I know that she's a pretty standard cat. But she's our pretty standard cat and we love her. In fact, I love her more than I thought possible - which makes me sound like a crazy cat lady, I know. I've never really *loved* a pet before - we had a cat when I was growing up but he was very grumpy and I was very young, and after that I had guinea pigs and hamsters and gerbils, which really don't inspire much devotion. Does that make me sound awful? I liked those pets, don't get me wrong, but Tuna Fey is our fur baby and I'm very happy that she's here. Plus, it gives Paul something to practice his photography on that isn't me - so that's a win-win.

tuna 6.jpg

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