Save the Date

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Okay, can we talk about the fact that I'm getting married in less than a year?! That feels both too soon and too far away for any sort of comfort. Can I be honest with you? I'm not enjoying wedding planning. I thought it would all be Prosecco and Pinterest but instead I feel a bit overwhelmed trying to juggle everything. The hardest part is having to be kind of selfish; I know they say that as the bride and groom the day is all about you, so you get to make (some, reasonable) demands in the planning process - of people's time, their resources and their ideas. I'm not really comfortable with that, so it's causing me some stress - god knows what it's going to be like when I'm begging people to come and help us set up the day before because otherwise there will be no wedding reception.

It feels like the most privileged problem in the world, though. I can hardly complain - someone that I think is awesome also thinks I'm awesome so now we have to have a big party and declare that we plan to be awesome together, forever. It's a blessing and a curse that between us we have a helluva lot of friends and family - I feel so grateful that so many people love us, and to love so many people, but catering for that many is turning out not to be cheap! Even scaling back on pretty much everything else (vintage wedding car, who needs it? Amber Cars will do...) just feeding and watering almost 150 people is expensive.

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I think it's just that it feels so out of my comfort zone - I'm the first of my close friends to get married so I feel like I'm kind of stabbing in the dark right now. Everyone has advice - some better than others - but I'm unsure which to take. Our wedding is going to be pretty non-traditional (you know, other than the boy marries girl part) so a lot of the problems that our friends have come across are not the same as we're facing.

We're lucky that our parents don't really want a say in how the wedding goes. They're pretty chilled about the whole thing - as long as they get to come, they're happy, which I'm grateful for. I don't think I could deal with another set of expectations above and beyond our own - I don't envy those people who have that to tackle on top of the logistics. Not that I'm really tackling the logistics - I'm the Creative Director of this wedding, Paul is the Operations Manager. He's doing most of the liaising with vendors and making sure stuff actually happens, I'm just thinking of the ideas and doing the research. It's kind of how things always go with us, and we're both happy to split the work in that way. But don't even get me started on the dress...

On the other hand, despite that feeling of unease, it is fun to see some of our plans coming together. I am so incredibly happy that Jenna Woodward is going to be our wedding photographer - her work is beautiful and I feel quite smug having snapped her up. We're also in talks with a really awesome caterer. That part is cool. It's also pretty cool to be planning a life with Paul - although how can you plan a marriage? Everyone always says that the marriage part gets forgotten about when people are planning weddings, but I think that might be because it's easier to choose place settings than to imagine how you're going to tackle Life (with a capital L) together.

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So I'm focusing on the little things right now - like these adorable Save the Date cards. They were made for us by Nichole from PaperholicWorkshop on Etsy. She was an absolute dream and was totally patient with me when I went back with tonnes of revisions (mostly because I'd spelt somebody's names wrong...). They've had lots of lovely comments from our guests, as well - so if you're looking for something a bit quirky and fun then I can highly recommend hitting Nichole up for some bespoke save the dates!

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