My Favourite Podcasts



I've become a bit obsessed with podcasts recently. I listen to them all the time - I've abandoned the radio completely in favour of kick-ass podcasts. These are my current favourites - but I'd love your recommendations, I'm still new to this!

Joy the Baker 

The Joy the Baker podcast is one of my absolute favourites. The title is a bit misleading - this is a podcast about 'totally important non-important things' with Joy the Baker and Tracy from the blog Shutterbean. It's basically hilarious. It's kind of embarrassing because I listen to this podcast when I run, and I often have to stifle snorts of laughter on my way round - I'm pretty sure that I look totally bizarre but it's worth it. Both Joy and Tracy write food blogs, so when they talk about food it's particularly awesome, but that's definitely not what this podcast is all about. It's basically just a phone call between two good friends, who happen to be hilarious and witty. It's not going to change the world (probably) but it is light listening, it's fun and it gets me round a 5k without wanting to die. So that's a win.

Elise Gets Crafty 

Elise is, in my opinion, one of the best bloggers out there. I love how open, warm-hearted and real her blog feels. She seems to strike a good balance between letting people into her life - both the good and bad parts - without over-sharing. She blogs about a whole bunch of stuff - from family life, crafting, gardening to running a business (she's a full-time blogger - sort of). This podcast is an extension of the business part and she's been having conversations with some of the heavyweights in her industry about everything from affiliate programmes to wholesale to blog editorial calendars. My nerdy side absolutely loves this - although it's not my business area, I love finding out more about how people run creative businesses. I think I've listened to the episode where Elise and my favourite blogger Sarah von Bargen from Yes and Yes chat about all things blog-related about five times already. Ah. maz. ing.

The High Tea Cast 

Sam and Leanne are hilarious, that much I know to be true. This podcast has me in stitches - if you enjoy their blog, you'll love the podcast even more. These awesome ladies chat about everything and anything - from Dr Who to yoga, from festivals to feminism. They aren't afraid to speak their minds or to laugh at themselves. There's a lot of laughter on this podcast! They occasionally do interviews or guest slots with other rad people, and I really enjoy the opportunity to learn about something that I've not come across before. For the most part, it's like being down the pub with your friends - if your friends were kick ass women with excellent London accents.

Savage Lovecast

Dan Savage is a controversial figure, that much is sure. The Savage Lovecast (and the accompanying column in 'The Stranger') catapulted him to (relative) fame and since then he's been making headlines - both within the sex education and social justice communities and in the wider world with the 'It Gets Better' project which launched in 2010. This podcast is definitely NSFW - it's a sassy, no holds barred sex advice podcast and when I say 'no holds barred' I really mean it. Not everyone likes Dan Savage but I have a lot of time for him - he's hilarious, to the point and whilst I don't always agree with his advice, it always gives me something to think about. Nowadays the podcast also has a bit of a political edge, which I suspect will only increase as the US election draws closer.

Inside Social Media 

One for the social media professionals - or just those who want to know what goes on behind the scenes - Rick Mulready interviews people from some of the biggest brands in the world to find out their tips and tricks for creating awesome social content. It's interesting to hear from industry leaders about how they choose their social media strategies and I've got some great ideas from listening to this podcast. My favourite episode so far is definitely the interview with Mike Hayes from Ben & Jerry's - a brand that I think totally nails their marketing and social media. Social media geeks, this is a must-listen!

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