Lunch at Angelica, Leeds

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When my friends come to stay, I like to show them the fancier side of Leeds. My usual haunts are jeans-and-t-shirt places where you're more likely to get a craft ale than a cocktail (which is odd, given which one I'd rather drink...) so it's nice to get dressed up and go somewhere a little bit different.

If the sun is shining, then Angelica is the obvious choice. Squirrelled away at the top of the Trinity shopping centre, it's perfect for showing off the best of Leeds. The balcony is a tranquil spot which catches the sun and the walls of the bar are made of glass - whilst Leeds doesn't have quite the skyline of London or New York, it's still one of my favourite sights.

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In the evening, Angelica is not really my scene - everyone is dressed to the nines and it can be a bit pretentious. Whilst the cocktail menu is delicious and extensive, if everyone is ordering one it can make the wait at the bar rather tedious.

But for lunch on a weekday? It's perfect.

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The food menu is limited but quite exciting. There's a 'raw' bar providing fresh sushi, bar snacks to accompany your cocktails or main dishes. Given the swanky surroundings, the prices are fairly reasonable. Oh, and those seaside doughnuts pictured above? To die for. If you have nothing else on your visit, make sure to try those.

But, it's the cocktails that you really want to get stuck into. This isn't a cheap place to drink, but the cocktail menu is extensive and interesting. I had a 'Hendricks' with gin, cucumber and other delicious things - it was dangerously easy to drink and comes highly recommended as a summer tipple. Whatever your poison, you're sure to find a cocktail that you love - I've not had a dud yet. If in doubt, however, the prosecco is perfect for making you feel a little bit 'Gossip Girl'.

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It was the perfect place to catch up with my friend Amy, who had travelled up from the South for a few days (mostly so we could watch McBusted!). I hate that I don't get to see my friends very often, so it's lovely to spend a leisurely couple of hours chatting about everything and sipping on a couple of cocktails.

Where do you take friends when they visit your city?

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