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I am not an outdoorsy person. My family have often mocked me for my aversion to the Great Outdoors - they are into camping and hiking and generally getting fresh air, whilst I would usually rather be inside, under a blanket, where the wi-fi is. However, as time goes on, my love for the countryside grows stronger; I will always be a city girl, but I can appreciate the benefits of a weekend in the outdoors now more than ever. Maybe it's because I now live in Yorkshire - an area renowned for its natural, rugged beauty. You don't have to travel far out of Leeds to find rolling hills, dry-stone walls and scenes of breath-taking beauty.

This weekend I packed up my walking boots and my waterproof jacket and made my way north to Bivouac - an eco-friendly glamping site near Masham - for a hen do. To say I was apprehensive would be an understatement - the weather had decided to turn from glorious sunshine to torrential rain in just a few days, whilst the lack of lighting in the cabins and the potential problem of having to trek across a field to get a decent shower were not assuaging my fears.

I shouldn't have worried - it was one of the best weekends I've had in a very long time. Company makes all the difference, of course, and the girls were fantastic but equally Bivouac totally captured my heart. It felt rather 'Wuthering Heights' as the fog and mist drifted in across the fields, but there was no doubting that this was a beautiful part of the world. The cabins were quaint and the little cafe where we had a tea party was a blogger's dream - wooden beams, mis-matched chairs and delightful scones. Heavenly.

It was refreshing to leave my phone off for a few days, to not worry (too much) about what I was wearing - as long as it was waterproof, and to forego make-up and shiny hair for a fresh face and a top knot. Having a real log fire to heat our little cabins was lovely, and we didn't miss the use of electrical light too much. Sure, we got soaked a couple of times but that's all part of the fun, isn't it? I'm certainly a convert - and I'd love to come back and really get stuck in to a little bit of rural living. I just need to buy some Hunters first...

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