Weekend Link Love


Hey all! Sorry for the radio silence - life has kind of got in the way of blogging over the last couple of weeks. Don't you just hate when that happens? </bloggerproblems> On the plus side, I've got a bumper set of links for you this week so if you, like me, are spending the afternoon stuffing your face with a carvery before zoning out on the sofa, this might just be the post to keep you entertained.

Other than reading everything on the Internet, I've also been travelling down South to indulge my nerdiness at the Harry Potter Studio Tour, spending time with our friends and their new babies (there's definitely something about that new baby smell...) and enjoying a hog roast for St. George's Day with my Leeds family. It's been totally rad. I'm also getting super excited because one of my best friends is coming to Leeds for a few days this week. No work AND afternoon cocktails? The best. What have you got planned for the week?

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