Weekend Link Love

saturday collage.jpg

(Saturday morning scenes - French toast, hot drinks and cute cats. Life is good.) 

This weekend has been the best. I get so giddy when friends come to visit me in Leeds - I love showing off this wonderful city, and of course I love spending time with my awesome friends. Not only that, but I also went to (some of) the hen do of another beautiful friend, so all in all it's been pretty exciting. Other than gallivanting about Leeds, eating too much good food and drinking too much wine, I've also been trying to get through all the Harry Potter books ahead of my trip to the studio tour on Tuesday (so. excited.). It turns out there are more pages than I thought, but it's been interesting to reread them - I'm definitely more emotional this time around! Oh, and I went on a really good run. Just the one. How was your week?