Three Little Goals - April


I'll admit that I didn't do very well with my three little goals in March. I was ill for over two weeks - which is so unlike me - which totally threw me off course. Plus, it gave me an excuse; I am really the worst at motivating myself, especially when it comes to exercise or getting up early. As an avid over-achiever, I end up frustrating myself constantly but it doesn't help. One of my aims for the year is to stop my goals from being a stick with which to beat myself up with. So, onwards and upwards friends. A new set of goals for a new month (and what a month it will be - I already have so many exciting plans). I'm ready.

1. 30 Days of Yoga

This month, I'm switching up my exercise goals. I don't want to abandon running completely (my friends keep posting excellent times on Facebook and my competitive spirit just won't allow it...) but yoga is something that I want to focus on going forward. It's so good for me to focus on relaxing, breathing and being in the moment, and although yoga can be tough, it's not scary enough to put me off from the get-go.

However, although I love the studio near me, it is expensive to go as often as I would like. I want to develop a home practice which can supplement the classes I can afford, and to stop me using my dwindling bank balance as an excuse! I found this 30 days of yoga challenge on Youtube and since '30 days has' April, it should work out perfectly!

2. Eat at the Table

At the moment, we eat all our meals sat on the sofa in front of the TV. It's not the most elegant solution but it's borne of a lack of space. Our large sofa takes up most of the space in our front room, leaving our compact dining table squished into the corner. More than one person can't sit at it without re-arranging the furniture somewhat, and the inconvenience means we only ever bother when we have guests.

However, I much prefer to eat at the table. It makes eating into more of a ceremony, forces you to make conversation (rather than staring at a re-run of The Big Bang Theory) and is just that little bit more sophisticated. In my dream home, we'll have a proper dining room and eat there every evening - but I figure, why not start now? I want to give it a try - a little bit of shifting chairs about isn't the end of the world and it gives me an excuse to buy proper napkins...

3. Bake Bread

A rather self-explanatory goal - and hopefully a simple one to achieve. I can rustle up a simple cake in no time at all, but I've not really ventured much into the world of bread. There's nothing more delicious than freshly baked bread with a smear of salted butter, is there? I was gifted 'Baking Bread' for Christmas and although I have worked my way through the introduction, I've yet to get my hands dirty and actually make a loaf. I have all the ingredients, I have the free time in April - it's time to get baking!

 What are your goals for April?

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