Harry Potter Studio Tour

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I am a child of the Harry Potter generation. I was the same age as Harry and his friends throughout the series, and I devoured the books the day they came out. I laughed, I cried, I dreamed of living at Hogwarts. The books have meant different things to me over time - from bookish child to awkward teen to enthusiastic adult - but they have always been important. The movies, too, although less so - I admit to becoming practically dehydrated through weeping in the final movie, but it's the books which give me all the feels. Re-reading them now as an adult is a fun experience - I am more considered and analytical now (that English degree wasn't totally wasted), I'm appreciated the depths and the values of the text, but I'm still getting a wave of nostalgia. I'm also seeing things from the adults' point of view - Molly Weasley is pretty much always right and I think she might be my new role model.

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This is all a long-winded preamble to say that I finally visited the Warner Brother's Studio Tour - a long awaited trip that did not disappoint. It was incredible to walk around the sets and appreciate all the hard work that went into the movies. They're a bit of an anomaly - eight movies which used the same set - so the level of detail in the props, the costumes, the sets was built up over time. I can only imagine what it must have been like to be a part of that, but it's definitely impressive. It's not cheap to visit, but it's definitely worth it if you're a fan. Plus, we got to meet THE Hedwig - who was very fluffy but very grumpy (although maybe she was just in character, amiright?).

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It was also super fun to spend time with my brother and sister - we don't often see each other when our parents aren't around and I really enjoy building this new kind of relationship with them. As a kid I definitely took my family for granted, but now more than ever am I grateful for them and I enjoy being in a new phase where we hang out because we want to, not because we're supposed to. We'll probably never be the closest, but I like coming from a big, loud, smart, interesting family and I'd hate to lose that. We're very different in our interests and personalities - for three people who have the same genetics and the same upbringing, we somehow ended up quite different. A love for Harry Potter, however, is one of the things that we all share so this was the perfect opportunity for a bit of sibling (and hangers on - sorry Paul!) bonding.

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