amy - may .jpg Finishing Breaking Bad, years after everyone else.

Cuddling newborn babies - but being glad to give them back.

Baking Easter treats and snaffling Mini Eggs.

Reliving my teenage years by reading 'Goose'. And watching McBusted.

Painting the front door yellow - such a happy colour.

Welcoming guests into our home and flexing my hostess muscles.

Reconnecting with old friends and feeling like no time has passed at all.

Making some plans for this blog. I want to step it up a notch in these parts. 

Getting the warm fuzzies from spending time with my Leeds family.

Listening to all the podcasts. Joy the Baker is my favourite.

Highlighting my hair.

Devouring the Harry Potter books. But not managing them all yet.

Feeling zen after morning yoga. I need more of that.

Drinking peppermint tea. Refreshing.

Enjoying the lighter evenings (still - I'm not sure I'll ever tire of them).

Doing  so much laundry. Where does it come from?

Looking forward to May. So many exciting plans. Life is good.

How about you?