Weekend Link Love


Can we all just take a second to marvel at how long the days are getting? Leaving work when the sun is still up is the greatest joy - I don't intend to take it for granted at all this summer. On that note, we've just paid for our mini summer holiday - we're not going away anywhere fancy this year because of wedding savings, but we do get to go to the beach with this little nugget. So I'm happily planning a summery-ish wardrobe and dreaming of lazy afternoons drinking wine on the balcony. It's going to be good.

This weekend was super relaxing, and much needed after a brain-melting week. I read two and a half Harry Potter books in advance of our trip to the Studio Tour (am I the only person who's not been yet?), ate French toast at LS6, watched some more Breaking Bad (we're so near the end now!) and hoovered up about a million cat hairs. I'll be sad when Tuna gets rid of her winter coat entirely and stops being so fluffy. It's super cute, even if she does complain every time I try to stroke her.

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