Weekend Link Love



I feel like I have been AWOL from the world this week. I've had a cold/ear infection/cough thing which has laid me low for the better part of two weeks so most of my time has been spent curled up on the sofa under a blanket trying to persuade Tuna to give me a cuddle. She wasn't into it. I'm finally coming back out the other side now and I'm so ready to get stuck in with everything. The sun has been torturing me through the window - I want to get out there and enjoy the spring!

Other than taking cough medicine and binge-watching Buffy, I did actually make it down to London last weekend. It was probably a mistake, as I was totally wrecked afterwards but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see some of my favourite people. I have Thoughts about London, which would probably bore you, but I am very much in a love-hate relationship with the city. Last weekend though, was glorious. I got to hang out with friends that I don't see enough of, ate Mexican food in Camden Lock, wandered around a sunny Enfield and finally got to go to Byron burger. You've won this round, London.

When we're laughing at Brad Pitt wolfing down a slice, we're laughing at the perceived weirdness of the situation—superhuman actor doing a regular-human thing. When we're retweeting that group selfie to become the most-shared Twitter image ever, it's not because the people in the picture are just like us—it’s because the famous lady on TV told us to.