Roundhay Park


Isn't the sunshine we've been having completely glorious? On Sunday morning, Paul and I escaped the house for a walk around Roundhay Park to enjoy the beautiful weather and to work up an appetite ready for lunch at Rosie's Diner. It all sounds terribly romantic and I guess it was - apart from when we argued about the kind of car we should buy in the future. A lesson in keeping in the present moment, I think.

roundhay park 1.jpg

Roundhay Park on a Sunday morning is a dog lover's heaven. There are puppies bounding around everywhere you look - from miniature dachshunds to great danes. It's also a dog lover's torture; I am so desperate for a puppy so watching all those gorgeous dogs frolicking in the sunshine doesn't help! Thankfully our cat is going through an affectionate phase so my need to pet something fluffy is somewhat assuaged.

roundhay park 3.jpg roundhay park 2.jpg

If you're local to Leeds, Roundhay Park is the perfect Sunday morning stroll. We wandered around for almost two hours and didn't cover the whole thing. There are ancient(ish) ruins to clamber, grassy banks to roll down, babbling brooks and swan-filled lakes which sparkle in the sun. It's all very photogenic, don't you think?

roundhay park 5.jpg roundhay park 4.jpg