lemons Recovering from the worst cold I've had in years. I'm glad to have my voice back.

Watching Breaking Bad. We're close to the end now. No spoilers please.

Smiling at the sight of so many daffodils. They're my favourite.

Enjoying the warmth of the sunshine (sometimes) and the longer hours of daylight.

Crying at 'The Commitment' by Dan Savage. I'm an emotional wreck.

Posting our Save the Dates. It's getting real now.

Coveting pastel pink hair, always.

Baking with lemons. A lot.

Walking in Roundhay Park. The best.

Looking forward to a trip to Harry Potter Studios. Finally.

Knitting baby blankets. So many new tiny people in my life. 

Adding spinach to pretty much every meal.

Feeling zen after morning yoga sessions. So good.

Contemplating my summer wardrobe. Without the funds to buy it...

Craving Dorshi's dumplings. So sad to see them leave Trinity Kitchen

Travelling to Harrogate to spend time with Emma. So much fun.

Spending time in London with some of my favourite people. So good to catch up.

Cringing at Mother's Day cards. Why so twee, card companies?

Using my slow-cooker pretty much every weekend. Best. Invention. Ever.

Hanging new art on the walls. Our little gallery is coming together nicely.

How about you? 

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