Weekend Link Love


Look at that little face! 

Hey, beautiful people! How are you all? I hope you've been having a lovely week! The weather has been hideous, so I've mostly been battening down the hatches and snuggling under a blanket. I also went go-karting for the first time - turns out I'm not good at it! My arms are still a bit sore, it's also a lot harder than I thought it would be.

We spent yesterday at a friend's wedding and it was completely beautiful. I know I sometimes complain about how many weddings we have to go to and how much they cost, but when I'm there I absolutely love it. I was bawling at the speeches - it's hard to cry without getting mascara everywhere! It was an absolutely lovely day. People dancing at weddings is kind of my favourite thing and I'm an affectionate drunk so I spent most of the party hugging everyone and declaring my love for them.

Now I'm going to medicate my hangover with a carvery and back-to-back episodes of Breaking Bad (we're on season 4, no spoilers please!). What have you got planned for Sunday?