We'd Probably Be Friends If...

friends collage

Just some of my favourites...

I absolutely loved this idea on Ashley's blog and it made me think a lot about friendship. Friendship is super weird and also super awesome. It's odd how you can bond over one tiny little thing and it ties you together. With Amy it was Harry Potter and our shared hatred of South Eastern trains. With Emma it was Buzzfeed lists and a love for bagels that could not (and will not) be quelled. With Eloise it was musicals and a need for a familiar face in a new city. I have such a weird mix of friends, from raving lefties who may one day lead a revolution (Daniel, I'm looking at you) to proper grown ups with babies and mortgages. That's kind of the beauty of friendship - you can have one for every occasion. There's no putting your finger on why and whether you'll become friends with someone, but there's a pretty good chance that if you fill some of the below criteria, we'd have something to talk about over coffee. Which is a good start, right?

We'd probably be friends if...

  • You really want to hang out with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler
  • You use pretentious words when talking about books
  • You know all the words to Mean Girls (who doesn't, am I right?)
  • You over-share. I'm a big over-sharer.
  • Buffy is your hero. And Lisa Simpson. Especially if you aim to be some mega-hybrid of the two (as I do).
  • Puns make you laugh more than they should
  • You say 'I'm a feminist' rather than 'I'm not a feminist but...'
  • Spiderman is your favourite superhero (no shame)
  • You could spend all day looking at pug gifs
  • You have cursed the new Facebook algorithm more than once in the last few weeks...
  • You love Taylor Swift unironically
  • Enid Blyton was your childhood.  Ginger beer?
  • You always order dessert. No guilt.
  • You spend as long analysing pop culture as you do consuming it
  • You show your love through food
  • You can talk (and listen) really fast. Also, if you don't mind someone talking over you - there's a lot to say, we've got to fit it in!
  • You think cheese should be its own food group

Your turn! Will we probably be friends?