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I love fashion. I love clothes. At one point in my life I read Vogue religiously and wanted to be a fashion journalist. It's safe to say that has changed (I was young and foolish, and print wasn't dead yet), but fashion still plays an important part in my life. Most of my disposable income goes on clothes and I consume fashion blogs and inspiration on Pinterest like it's going out of fashion. Which, well, it is.

However, although I have bought more clothes in the last year than ever before, I still find myself in that peculiar pickle of having nothing to wear on an almost daily basis. I become bored of my fast fashion garments within weeks and it's become more and more apparent that there are very few 'classics' lurking within my wardrobe. Those staples which will make you look stylish even on your worst days. Not only that, but as I plundered my Pinterest boards, it became obvious that the style I want to have (see above) and the clothes that litter my floordrobe do not quite match up.

I aspire to be a stylish person. I used to want to be fashionable, to be at the cutting edge of trends, but that is rather exhausting and involves a lot of switching and changing. Far better, in my mind, to be someone who always looks impeccably dressed even if they're not at the forefront of all things fabulous. I want to be 'well turned out', as my grandmother would say. Flattering cuts, timeless pieces and a true sense of style rather than a mish-mash of different trends, which may or may not really suit me.

So, along with my resolve to be more conscious in life, I also want to be more conscious in my clothing choices. I will eschew fleeting items (dungarees, I'm looking at you, stop calling my name) and instead invest my money in classic pieces which can be paired together into beautiful outfits which will make me feel sophisticated rather than sloppy. I will not necessarily spend less money (although that is also on the cards) but I will be more choosy. I have just purchased a relatively expensive rose gold watch that I hope will see me through a few years, and a breton-striped top that was relatively cheap but which makes me feel polished.

At the end of the year, I would love to look back at photos and see a true sense of personal style. I'm hoping to throw a few more outfit posts into the mix on this here blog to keep myself accountable (and to show off my new purchases - I'm not a completely changed person, yet!). Effortless, chic and well-dressed: that's what I'm aiming for.