Weekend Link Love


Is it just me, or is the end of the year always the busiest? It feels like everyone is trying to squeeze in as much as possible before 2014 and I've been a super busy bee for the last few weeks. It's ironic that everyone wants to go out just as the weather turns and makes me want to stay in. Or is that ironic? I'm never sure on the true meaning of the word - but you get my gist. So it's been rather quiet on the blog over the past week - I've been busy battling the elements to do plenty of socialising and travelling about instead. Thankfully, today I've been able to slow down a bit and have spent the day snuggled on the sofa next to the cat merrily typing away on my laptop so there'll be plenty of lovely things for you to read on this here blog over the next week. Christmas is coming up fast, so I've also been blasting through my Christmas shopping this weekend and am almost done! How has your week been?