This year I...

  • Graduated with a distinction in my Masters
  • Finally left education 
  • Left one job and started another
  • Missed friends and made friends
  • Ate a lot of sushi
  • Took a magical trip to Iceland

blue lagoon

  • Bathed in the Blue Lagoon
  • Felt at home in Leeds
  • Counted my lucky stars and found there were many


  • Had a little cat join the family
  • Embraced skinny jeans with vigour
  • Waxed lyrical about street food and deli shops
  • Blogged quite a lot (but not as much as I wanted to)
  • Baked some bread and a whole load of brownies

custard factory

  • Attended Blognix and felt inspired
  • Didn't run nearly enough as I should have done
  • Tried out yoga
  • Went on my first Otley Run
  • Wore a fluffy pink leopard print jumper, more than once
  • Cooked plenty of thai curries

mustard pot

  • Found my maternal side by hanging out with Martha
  • Went to some weddings, and cried every time
  • Appreciated my grandparents a whole lot
  • Dyed my hair lots of different shades of brown and blonde
  • Then cut it all off (well, not all of it, but a fair chunk)
  • Painted 8 walls and a canvas painting
  • Went to an open mic night for the first time
  • Ate quite a lot of lobsters
  • Danced the night away in the Corn Exchange at a Halloween Ball
  • Binge-watched Buffy, Breaking Bad, Firefly and Orange is the New Black
  • Rediscovered my love of reading
  • Made plans for 2014 ...

me at blackhouse