Weekend Link Love


I know I say it every week, but this week has been particularly manic! Lovely, but manic. On Monday, I went to Bettakultcha to see Martin perform an outstanding drag act which words just cannot describe - a definite highlight of the night, I'm sure all would agree! Tuesday saw me standing in the cold at the Roundhay bonfire, watching the fireworks and warming up afterwards with a delicious stew which my friend Helena had cooked up for us. Wednesday was dinner at the Wardrobe with the wonderful Eloise, with a burger so large I could barely pick it up! Delicious, though. Thursday provided a little bit of respite, as I caught up on the final episode of 90210 (and sobbed my eyes out) whilst on Friday, Paul and I headed to The Grand to watch Alan Bennett's latest offering, People. It was glorious, in that way that only Alan Bennett can be - I was so glad that we managed to catch it before it leaves Leeds.

Understandably, I hope, this weekend has involved some much needed down time! I've been blogging my socks off ready for a few busy weekends which are coming up in the near future, catching up on TV shows not watched (loving the new Big Bang Theory, however cheesy it is) and prepping everything ready to do it all again next week! I do feel very lucky when I think about how full my life is at the moment, but that's the subject for another post. You came here for links, and here they are!