Foodie Christmas Gift Guide

For me, the Christmas period starts after Bonfire Night. Before that date, any mention of festivities is forbidden. It's just too soon. But after Bonfire Night there's nothing else to look forward to, and the twinkling lights are a welcome relief against the biting cold and encroaching dark of these winter months. Which means that I have started my Christmas shopping. Or rather, I have thought about starting my Christmas shopping. Lists have been made, plans hatched and budgets prepared. I have, however, bought my Christmas party dress. Priorities people, priorities.

If you want to be slightly more prepared than I am, I've put together a little gift guide for the foodies in your life. These are all affordable gifts that are guaranteed to put a smile on any keen cook's face come Christmas Day. A couple are on my own Christmas list; I've got my eye on that Brilliant Bread book and who wouldn't want a Corkcicle?! However, if you really want to splash out - a KitchenAid is never going to go down badly ;)

What are you hoping for under the tree this year?

Christmas Gift Guide

Brilliant Bread by James Morton (£10) // Kitchen Tool Bottle (£34.95) // Le Creuset Stoneware Heart Ramekin with Lid (£16 each)

Corkcicle (£18.99) // Joseph Joseph UK Gastronomy Map Chopping Board (£15) // John Lewis Christmas Enamel Measuring Cups (£12) (Now Out of Stock)

Nigella Lawson Salt Pig (£18) // Hotel Chocolat Cocoa Gin (£15) // A Lighter Way to Bake by Lorraine Pascale (£9)