Fairy Cakes

fairy cakes

As a blogger, there can be a lot of pressure to create bigger and better things. To experiment with salted caramel and tuiles and recipes that use up all the bowls in the kitchen. Even the simpler recipes should involve fashionable foodstuffs, like kale and pine nuts. Don't get me wrong, I love a pine nut along with the best of them, but sometimes the simple things are the best.

fairy cake batter

We went to visit some friends in Nottingham this weekend, so I whipped up some fairy cakes for their little girl. She's a super cutie and, thanks to my intervention, she took her first selfie this weekend. She's definitely a girl after my own heart, but unlike me she doesn't care for caramelised onion or cardamom. Fairy cakes, however? She's all over those.

fairy cake making

There's something very comforting about the fairy cake. A handful of ingredients all chucked into one bowl, spooned delicately into colourful paper cases. It's reminiscent of childhood baking, where the decoration (read: sprinkles and coloured icing) was more important than the cake itself. When you couldn't be trusted to break the eggs but licking the spoon was your speciality.

fairy cakes ready to bake

I used a Mary Berry recipe, but a fairy cake is a fairy cake. Be sure to sift the flour, or at the very least whisk it before adding it to the mixture, to get a lighter sponge. I added a little bit of vanilla, because I can't leave well enough alone. Other than that, get stuck in and enjoy the nostalgia (and this cute baby photo).

fairy cake

baby 1