Iceland Photo Diary

iceland 2

Oh, Iceland. You were everything I wished for and more, so much more. I want to write poems about your majestic beauty and live inside your Scandinavian houses for ever more. Truly, Iceland is the place that the Romantics talked about when they wrote of nature's phenomenal power. It defies description, at least at my hand. Landscapes which look like alien planets, with steam shooting up from the ground every which way you look. Impressive waterfalls which make you question the meaning of life. And amongst all that, a stylish, cultured city which will capture your heart and leave you wanting so much more.

iceland 3

It's safe to say that after just five days in Iceland, I was totally smitten. We packed a lot in to our little trip, hitting all of the sights of the Golden Circle as well as a few extras pointed out by our gracious host. We spent a luxurious afternoon in the Blue Lagoon - which is worth every penny, even if most guidebooks claim that it's a tourist trap - and meandered the streets of Reykjavik, which just might be my favourite city. I want to write reams and reams about Iceland, tell you everything that we did and saw but the photos rather speak for themselves. I've got a post planned on Friday which will give you some tips and tricks for doing Iceland on a budget - for it is a notoriously overpriced country to visit - and reveal my favourite things from the trip, but for now I'll just let you soak all of this wonder in:


Hanging out at Gulfoss

geysir 2


drowning pool

The pool where they used to drown women for incest/witchcraft/etc.


Just chilling between two continental plates (!) at Thingvellir

guerilla knitting in reykjavik

Guerilla knitting in Reykjavik. Just one of the many reasons I love this city.

hot dogs in reykjavik

Enjoying some Icelandic hot dogs from Bill Clinton's favourite van...

blue lagoon

The Blue Lagoon - it really is as good as the pictures!

all the gang

All the gang at the Lebowski Bar - no homophobes, racists, sexists or assholes allowed in according to the sign outside! Yep, another reason to love Reykjavik. That, and the fact that a newspaper that I picked up had the headline 'The Gender Pay Gap Widens :('. These people get me.

northern lights

Oh, these? Just some Northern Lights.