Weekend Link Love


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Hopefully, by the time you are reading this I will be touching down in Iceland, ready for a few days of trekking in the Icelandic wilderness, relaxing in the hot tub and generally have a wonderful time. I've been talking about this trip for what feels like months, and it's finally here! I intend to soak up every little moment, takes lots of photos and not complain once about having to walk up the side of a volcano when I could be having sushi in Reyjkavik. Promise.

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind - when are they not? I've been to the Leeds International Beer Festival (despite not liking beer very much), the Curry Festival the week after, I've tried out a couple of new bars, eaten fondue with Eloise, bagged myself a new job, discovered Snapchat and worn my new bowler hat far too many times.

But during that time I have also been collecting a whole bunch of links for your delectation. There are a couple of posts scheduled that should be able to entertain you in my absence, so be sure to pop back on Tuesday! In the meantime, enjoy these little lovelies: