84 Things To Do When You're Bored



Only boring people get bored, my Grandad always says. I like to think he's right, because I haven't been bored since 2006. The world is so full of wonder and possibility - you could do something different every day and never be done.

We are so spoilt - we have so many choices when it comes to what we should fill our days with. The problem with too much choice, however, is that it can be overwhelming - we become paralysed with the possibilities and can't think of activities to fill our time. Better to be bored, than to face up to everything that's out there.

Let me help you out. Here's a list of 84 different things you can do next time you're bored. Cross every one off and then make your own. Indecision, be damned!

1. Start a blog. Share your bad self with the world.

2. Make a quilt. This one's on my list for when I get my sewing machine back.

3. Bake a cake. Lemon drizzle, chocolate, fruit cake - whatever takes your fancy.

4. Buy a magazine (or download one, you crazy cyber chick) and read it cover to cover.

5. Paint your nails in a rainbow of colours.

6. Go for a walk. Just go where the wind takes you ...

7. Celebrate the independent businesses in your area by popping in for a coffee

8. Write a thank you note. Make it heartfelt and pop it in the post.

9. Visit your grandparents. They love you.

10. Plan your dream dinner party. Then invite people round and make your dream into a reality.

11. Make a mixtape. Share it with someone you love.

12. Try to beat your top score on Tetris.

13. Clear out your wardrobe and donate a bag of clothes to charity.

14. Watch a marathon of your favourite show. Or that show you've been meaning to watch but have never sat down to enjoy. Orange is the New Black, anyone?

15. Practice yoga. Perfect your downward dog.

16. Take a luxurious bath with candles and a glass of wine.

17. Call your parents. Or the person (people?) who have been parental figures in your life.

18. Play tourist in your own town and visit a monument or museum you've never got around to going to.

19. Learn how to do a fishtail plait. Or a different fancy hairstyle you've always admired.

20. Infuse some gin or vodka and get a head start on your Christmas presents.

21. Leave a bunch of happy post-it notes around the house for other people to find.

22. Learn 5 new things from Wikipedia. Or go old school and pick up an encyclopaedia.

23. Practice your cartwheels.

24. Make some baguette pizzas with whatever you have in the fridge.

25. Learn to knit. Or knit something, if you already know how.

26. Re-read your favourite book.

27. Plan your outfits for next week so you can have an extra five minutes in bed each morning.

28. Put on your cheesiest album or playlist and have a solo dance party.

29. Bake some bread.

30. Decide on your next adventure abroad. Make a budget or a plan to get your there by this time next year.

31. Go for a run.

32. Take pictures of your cat/dog/hamster/baby. Whatever the cutest thing is in your life. Give them funny captions and post them on Facebook.

33. Read up about a current affair that you don't understand properly. Get informed.

34. Play innuendo bingo.

35. Write a secret on a postcard and send it to PostSecret.

36. Throw away everything in your cupboard/fridge/freezer that's out of date. Donate anything you won't eat but is still very much in date to your local food bank.

37. Practice your stand-up routine.

38. Learn how to say 'please' and 'thank you' in 10 different languages. See how many you remember this time next week.

39. Reach out to your dream mentor.

40. Have a one-person pyjama party. Eat ice cream and watch a chick flick.

41. Meditate.

42. De-tangle all your necklaces.

43. Write or edit a Wikipedia entry on your favourite subject.

44. Re-paint the walls of your bedroom.

45. Exfoliate.

46. Write to your MP about an issue that you're passionate about in your area.

47. Do 100 sit-ups. Try not to cry.

48. Support an independent designer by buying something from Etsy.

49. Re-connect with a friend on the other side of the world and start a Google Hangout.

50. Dye your hair.

51. Go and buy yourself a bunch of flowers from a real florist. Not from the supermarket. You're totally worth it, girl.

52. Make pasta from scratch. Cook it and cover it with cheese. Enjoy!

53. Plant a seed.

54. Set a goal. Make a plan to get there. Start working on it.

55. Go to the park and swing on the swings, or slide down the slide.

56. Write a list of all the ways in which you are awesome. Pin it somewhere you will see it every day.

57. Send snapchats to all of your friends. Wait and see what you get back.

58. Watch 30 Rock. It always cheers me up.

59. Go for a round of crazy golf. Or, set up a crazy golf course in your back garden.

60. Draw yourself as a superhero. Work out what your superhero name and power would be.

61. Fly a kite.

62. Re-vamp your CV or brush up your LinkedIn profile. Even if you're super happy with your current job, it'll remind you of what a bad-ass you are.

63. Start a Project Life album.

64. Hang some shelves and arrange your favourite things on them.

65. Pay for the person behind you at the coffee shop/ice cream parlour/pub. Spread the love.

66. Write a poem. Express yourself.

67. Repair any clothes you've been meaning to fix for ages. Sew on buttons, darn holes, take things to the dry cleaners.

68. Decide who would play you in the movie of your life. Write a cast list.

69. Sell something on eBay.

70. Make a playlist for every occasion.

71. Look up your favourite TV show from when you were a kid on YouTube. Be amazed.

72. Offer to walk a friend's dog.

73. Write a love letter. To your other half, to your crush, to yourself. Whoever.

74. Go on a road trip.

75. Make your own 'Word of the Day' calendar.

76. Print out your favourite photos and frame them. Don't leave them trapped on the Internet!

77. Make an origami swan. Make a whole flock in different sizes and colours.

78. Practice doing the splits. You'll make it one day!

79. Bake some cookies and share them with your colleagues or your neighbours.

80. Babysit.

81. Make some friendship bracelets. Post them to your friends, wherever they are in the world - everyone loves getting post!

82. Count up all the change laying around your house. Pay it into the bank. Feel rich.

83. Go for a bike ride.

84. Make a list of things to do next time you're bored. The world is truly your oyster.