Weekend Link Love

a bee and foxgloves

(Photo by Paul)

Gosh golly, time sure flies when you're having fun/spending hours in the car on the M25/finishing a dissertation/attending weddings/etc. Right? I can't get back in the swing of this blogging thing at the moment. I'm passing out on the sofa from exhaustion pretty much every night, which is a rather sad state of affairs that I would like to rectify soon. I have been doing fun stuff too, though. Two weddings in as many weekends (I might share pictures of my Mum's if she lets me) and a pub crawl/catch-up/engagement celebration on Friday night where we ended up being kicked out of The Mustard Pot, because it really was closing time. How rock'n'roll we are. Somehow, I've still managed to find time to read all of these lovely snippets:

What have you been reading this week?