Mrs & Mrs

car selfie

Car Selfie (L to R: Paul, Ellie, Jess, Sam & Me)

 Last Saturday but one, we all got our gladrags on and bundled into the car, heading to my Mum's wedding. It was a gorgeous day, lots of sunshine and Pimms, and a chance to spend time with my family - which I don't get enough of now that I live in Leeds and they refuse to leave the Home Counties. I thought I would share some snaps that Paul took of the day with his fancy camera - partly because it's the only nice picture that has been taken of us all year, and partly because everyone loves a good wedding, don't they? Enjoy!

mum and issy

Mrs and Mrs.


me and paul

I didn't take my sunglasses off all day because I'm a VIP, baby. Plus, it was baking sunshine. Love this dress though - a gem of a find from ASOS (where else!)

wedding guests

I have too much extended family - this isn't even all of them.

buffetThe buffet to end all buffets.

mr nesbittAn unusual wedding guest...

mum and ellie

grandma and issyOkay, how cute are my grandparents?

wedding cakeBeautiful on the outside, fruit cake on the inside. A travesty. Chocolate cake was brought out later, though, so the day was saved.