Happy Yorkshire Day!

yorkshire tea and parkin

People from Yorkshire love being from Yorkshire. It's kind of their favourite thing. Or at least, it seems that way. Yorkshire inspires loyalty in a way that I have never experienced. In Kent, people are more likely to denounce where they live (despite it being a relatively wealthy, beautiful part of the world) than proudly proclaim it as a personal identifier. My family is from Yorkshire; my grandparents are Halifax born-and-bred, and my mother was born in Leeds, just a few minutes away from where I live now. Paul is from Sheffield, and proud of it. He and his friends will wax lyrical about why Sheffield is the greatest city in the UK (if not the world) for hours, given half the chance.

So it makes sense that 'Yorkshire Day' is a thing. On the 1st August, people celebrate this county (commonly known as God's Own County - even by atheists) and all of its wonders. I have to say, I have totally fallen in love with Yorkshire, and I think I am starting to understand why it inspires such devotion in its residents. It's truly a wonderful place to live, and whilst I haven't decided if I'll be settling here forever (can we ever decide such a thing?), for now I am content. That we can reach both a bustling city centre, filled with interesting people and places, and rolling countryside, filled with cows and wild flowers, within a ten minute drive of our house, makes me feel that this is really the best of both worlds. Plus, I feel super posh with my Southern accent when surrounded with so many Northerners.

butter and syrup

To celebrate, I baked some parkin. Not being properly from Yorkshire, I didn't have a tried-and-tested family recipe to fall back on. I actually don't think we have any tried-and-tested recipes in my family - my mum's ancient cookbook which I always turn to when we make apple crumble probably counts. In fact, I hadn't even tried parkin until last year. I wasn't a massive fan. It's very gingery. But, it's traditional and in the spirit of tradition (not something I am usually a proponent of, but when it comes to food I will make an exception) I assembled the ingredients and followed this recipe. I added far more ginger, including grated stem ginger, and instead of mixed spice I used cinnamon and freshly grated nutmeg (obsessed).

I'll admit, it was not my best attempt at baking. Parkin is new territory to me, and it ended up for more oaty than I wanted, and a little bit crumbly. It was more of a parkin-flavoured flapjack than anything else. It's probably because I'm not really from Yorkshire. In the eyes of a Yorkshireman, I'll never really be from Yorkshire, but I am proud to call it my home, for now.

Are you celebrating Yorkshire day? I would love some more Yorkshire-themed recipes if you have any!

yorkshire parkin