Everyman Cinema, Leeds

everyman leedsCinemas baffle me. Why are they so ugly and unpleasant? Garish, sticky and expensive; it's been a source of constant confusion to me why those generic cinemas haven't gone out of business already. I'm not much of a film-lover; my short attention span means I'd much rather get my teeth stuck into a really good TV series, which I can digest in hour-long chunks. However, even when there is a film that I want to see, I'd much rather wait for it to come out on DVD, and spend my money going for drinks or a meal instead. It's an altogether more pleasant experience - pretty much guaranteed.

That was until the Everyman came to Leeds. Everyman is a revolution in cinema; they market themselves as a 'unique experience', and that is truly what you get. Opening up slap-bang in the city centre as part of Trinity, the Everyman is a true delight. It's stylish and sophisticated, the staff are pleasant and helpful, and you can get a G&T delivered to your seat (a sofa!) during the screening.

everyman cinema leeds

A few weeks ago (wrist slap, bad blogger) we headed to Everyman for a good old-fashioned cinema date. Underneath the cinema, they have a pizzeria where you can get stone-baked pizza and a selection of Italian-based dishes.

pizza amy and pizzaI opted for a wild mushroom and cheese, whilst Paul went for hoi sin duck. Served on a wooden board, it's all very rustic. The pizza won't win any awards, but they're very tasty - I love that stonebaked flavour! For less than a tenner, it makes the perfect pre- or post-movie meal. During July and August you can get free pizza on Mondays and Tuesdays with every cinema ticket, so we splashed out and got dessert too.

oreo sundae

Suitably stuffed, we made our way upstairs where we got a drink from the bar (you can also sit out on the balcony to drink it if you've got a wait), and were shown to our sofa. There's a little table rather than a cup holder, as well as cushions. Almost as comfortable as being at home (if only you could wear pyjamas in public!).

cinema selfieA quick cinema selfie later, we settled down to watch The Bling Ring - a triumph of a movie. Emma Watson is a dream, isn't she? And after we left the cinema, we spent the whole way home discussion how much better it was than any other cinema we'd ever been to. I won't be going anywhere else again - and I urge you to check out the Everyman near you; you definitely won't regret it!